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Don’t Buy Another Scratch Card Until You’ve Read This!

  • 06 December 2016

82% of people have never won a penny on Scratch Cards, let alone the jackpot!

Have you ever wondered how much you spend on lottery tickets and scratchcards per year? The average Brit blows a huge £416 a year!

Seems like bad value for money to us! Especially when you consider the fact that there are other fun, free ways to to win a jackpot with much better odds.

One of the best examples around is online slot machines, they offer free playhuge jackpots, better odds of winning and lots of different ways to play. If you’re not already into online slot machines, then here’s Five Simple Tips on how you can use them as a much better alternative to Scratch Cards:

Tip #1:You Can Get Free Bonus Cash – It’s Basically Like Having Free Scratch Cards!

Yes, just sign up to get FREE money! Many of these online casinos such as Betfair are desperate for your business, so they often offer you massive bonus deals when you join. This gives you more of a chance to try out the games there and at the same time offers you more chances to win some big money!*

Tip #2:The Odds on Slot Machines Are So Much Better – Here’s Why

Have you considered how unlikely it is for you to ever win a big jackpot? According to the operator, the chances of winning the Lottery jackpot are more than 110 Million to 1. Alternatively, the payout rates from the biggest Online Casinos are often about 90-97%. This means that over 90 out of 100 times a slot is played the player makes a win, versus just 1 in every 110 Million on the Euromillions Jackpot! It’s a no-brainer, Online Slots make more sense.

18+. New players only. Wagering requirements and Terms apply. Please see website for more info.

Tip #3 – Lottery Jackpots Aren’t What They Seem

All casinos and lotteries have a ‘house edge’ – or how much profit they take from your bet. What most people don’t know is that the National Lottery takes more than 50% of your money BEFORE it goes into the prize pot.

Now compare that with slots games- which have an average house edge of just 3-10%- and stop playing for jackpots that are HALF of what they should be!

Tip #4 – You Can Become a Millionaire playing Online Casinos!

You don’t need a Scratch Card win to change your life dramatically. In fact, the bigger Online Casinos often have progressive multi-million pound payouts. Recently a player from Mansfield, UK won £3.8m million playing at well known, UK licensed online casino, on his mobile phone. He bet just £10 on his winning spin! The money was in his bank account within 3 working days.

Tip #5 – Take Advantage of a ‘First Deposit Bonus’ at Online Casinos

Online Casinos welcome new players like me and you with open arms. They give us extra money when we make our First Deposit. This is called a ‘Welcome Bonus’ or ‘First Deposit Bonus’. Once you get to grips with Betfair why not take advantage of their 100% “First Deposit” bonus? They basically double the money you have to play with – up to a maximum of £100!*


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Roberta Rights
Great odds, love the app and service. Can't fault Betfair.
Matt Kopka
wanted to sign up to the exchange for some, found the starting point easy enough and took me through the steps needed to start betting with an intro video for new beginners
Nick Walter
super chill slots with some sick beats over the top.
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