Starburst Slots

  1. Easy to play, simple format with no gimmicks.
  2. Huge £50,000 payoff for multiple Wilds.
  3. Fast-paced action.

All about Starburst Slots

starburst-imagery-300x300-04In a competitive market awash with complex payouts and confusing jackpots, the Starburst Slot Game is a welcome return to the basics of what make slot games fun – without sacrificing on that potential big win. The Starburst slot game utilises refreshingly straightforward gameplay which holds strong appeal to new and seasoned players alike.

With little tactical nous required it is easy for newbies to quickly get to grips with the mechanics of the Starburst slot game. More experienced players will see appeal in the stacking of Wilds with a bumper payday of £50,000 always on the cards.

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