Betfair is Paying Out Big to Its Players – Will YOU Be Next?

  • By Jane Ambers for 123Casino, 06 December 2016

Have you ever clicked onto a casino website and wondered, “Where should I go first for the best chance of winning?

It’s something we always considered too. That is, until we found out we could see all the latest Betfair casino winners at a glance to find out where people are winning big!

In the interests of transparency, Betfair include an extensive activity stream detailing all of their latest winners on all of their games. This is very much a handy little tool to have at your disposal!

So, where are the big winners having the best success?


Well, at the time of writing, THREE people have won big on Live Roulette, the largest being a hefty £5,572 to a player called Arron. Blackjack also seems to be producing its fair share of Betfair casino winners, paying out £1,465 to a player called Juan, and £1,475 to a player called Cristian.

And Betfair casino winners aren’t just winning big on the slots. On the activity stream, various other winners have scooped up iPhone 6s, Apple watches, and even a VIP Vegas trip!

The page also has one other very key feature: a table showing where the biggest jackpots are on the site, so we know which games to concentrate on. Currently, the jackpot on the Beach Life slot is over £750,000. Yep. Bet you can’t guess where we’ll be heading first.

So, whether you’re playing for fun or hoping to hit that jackpot, we have just one question to ask you: will you be one of the next big Betfair casino winners? Get playing today!

Article by Jane Ambers, Gaming Journalist.

Start playing TODAY!

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live roulette is so much fun, love all the tension, it's just like playing at the tables in vegas (well without all the free drinks haha). the live blackjack on betfair is also amazing...definitely give that one a go too!
Josephine D.

Love the fact this article mentions Beach Life - it's definitely the best game out there, although to be fair Betfair has a lot of ridiculously good games. Can't stop playing at Betfair because it's just so much fun...and i've even managed to win my fair share of smaller jackpots over the years!
Chris B.

I've used so many online casinos but I've got to say that betfair is one of the best at being transparent - you know exactly where to focus your play because they make it so obvious where the big jackpots are! i must of won almost £5000 in the last few months alone from following this technique
Sally G.

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