Lucky247 Player Scoops £50k Playing Slots – On Her First Go!

  • By Jane Ambers for 123Casino, 06 December 2016

Let’s face it, Lucky247 casino winners aren’t exactly few and far between. Every day we come across new reports of players winning big on the array of available casino games, available via mobile and computers. But one winner’s story in particular caught our eye – because the lucky winner won almost £50,000 on her very first try!

Emily B, from the UK, was playing the slots game Burning Desire on her PC when she landed a winning combination, plus £49,630 in her bank account!

123Casinos managed to grab an exclusive interview with Emily a few days after she won.


She said: “I just signed up at Lucky247 one Saturday night because all my mates were going on about it.

“I was drawn to the Burning Desire game because of its old-school colours – it reminded me of my trip to Vegas 20 years ago!

“I played a few lines and had no luck. I was about to call it a day when the winning combination came up and it told me I’d won almost £50k! I screamed all around the house for, like, 10 minutes, and then I called my mates and did some more screaming down the phone!”

We guess she’s pretty happy to have joined the realms of the latest Lucky247 casino winners – and we can’t blame her!

Just think of what you can do with £50,000.00: eight return trips in first class luxury to Las Vegas! A brand new Porsche with money to spare! Or even your very own private island in some luxury destination – not bad, really, for a few goes on an online slot machine!

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Article by Jane Ambers, Gaming Journalist.

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I'm a pretty serious gamer, so I'm rarely impressed when I try out new casinos. I gotta say; I really enjoyed how easy it was to play Lucky247. The design is really helpful, and I even won a couple of hundred quid!
Jessica S.

Great bantz! Didn't rly know that much about gambling online but this was easy! Picked it up, used that great welcome offer and then went on my way. Really loved the Burning Desire game too. Seriously it's properly old school!

#Winning. Lucky 247 is great! When I'm not pumping iron, I'm on my phone playing Blackjack. Really love how easy it is to play absolutely anywehere. Though I think my wife is starting to hate me zoning out to think about winning big, lol!
Marc M.

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