This Incredible Win Proves That You Can Become a Millionaire With Just 20p!

  • By Jane Ambers for 123Casino, 06 December 2016

What can 20p buy you in the shops nowadays? If you’re lucky, maybe a couple of sweets or a basic packet of crisps. If you ask us, that 20p is much better off being put towards your future. After all, as one SuperCasino winner proved, you can become a millionaire from just a 20p bet!

Meet Olesia Kuzmychova from the Ukraine. One evening, after returning home from work, she decided to chill with a single 20p bet on the Leprechaun Luck game on the SuperCasino website.

Moments later, her life had completely changed – as she had won an incredible jackpot of £240,000 from just the one spin!

Olesia said: “I never expected to win anything big!”

She added: “I wake up in the morning and think it is a dream, then I realise it is real.”


Since the huge win, the latest Supercasino winner has quit her job at the stables. And she also has big plans for her winnings, planning a wedding with her ex-jockey fiancé William Revetti.

She also wants to put her money towards returning to the Ukraine to visit her family who she hasn’t seen in years!

We reached out to SuperCasino who were overjoyed to hear all about Olesia’s plans for her winnings.

They said: “Sometimes it can be the smallest bets that produce the biggest wins, and it’s always great to hear about surprise wins like this that enable people to quit work or change their jobs, as well as do things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to such as go on holiday, get married, or visit family. We’re always keeping an eye out for feel-good stories like this.”

With SuperCasino offering incredible jackpots on a whole range of slot games, we’re sure it won’t be long before there’s another BIG winner!

Article by Jane Ambers, Gaming Journalist.

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I have loved SuperCasino for absolutely years. Their website has just cemented my love for them even more. Love all their slot games, and I make sure I always check back every week for more promotional offers. The biggest amount I've won so far is £2000 which was a nice little bonus just before Christmas!
Jack F.

If I'm honest, I was never a massive casino fan until I got introduced to SuperCasino. But it's so much fun, especially the slot games – Gladiator Jackpot is the best one I've played so far, but I'll happily take any of them. It's just great to chill with them at the end of the day!
Diana P.

The live casino is well worth a play! The live roulette is my favourite, it makes me feel like I'm in an actual casino...even though I'm in my front room in PJs!
Rowan B.

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