Wimbledon 2016 Exposé: Don’t bet on Wimbledon till you’ve read this…

  • By Jane Ambers for 123Casino, 06 December 2016

It’s sounds so obvious, but take my word – it’ll cost you big time.

Summer’s here and that can mean only one thing – time to head back to SW19 for another Wimbledon to see if there’s any chance Andy can do it again.

But tennis fans the world over are getting a bum-deal courtesy of the bookies, year after year, and they don’t even realise it. Meanwhile, the bookies continue to rake it in, without a second thought.

Instead of spending their money at an online casino with a massively better chance of getting something back, unsuspecting tennis lovers STILL think they can win a few quid, in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Do yourself a favour – don’t bet on Wimbledon till you’ve read this exposé. We’re sick of seeing so many people lose out.

Everybody knows that bookies aren’t a charity, and most savvy gamblers know the odds are stacked against them to begin with. But it’s so much worse than that, and the betting companies like to keep this under wraps so you don’t find out.

The bookies always win, which means you always lose. And we’re not being pessimistic – it’s a fact. Just ask their shareholders.

It’s like playing Novak Djokovic on Centre Court and thinking you might win. It just cannot and will not happen, no matter how hard you try.

You might win a couple of battles along the way if you’re lucky, but with a little time, you will always lose the war. Think you can do better? You’re wrong. And here’s why.

Laughing all the way to the bank.

When the bookies set their odds for any sporting event, they weigh up the likelihood of winners and losers, to calculate what they think is going to happen – known as the ‘true odds’.

If you could bet on true odds, you’d win some of the time. That’s what they want you to believe you’re doing when you bet with them. But they don’t stop there.

Bookies cheekily build in a hefty percentage for themselves over the true odds, offering you terrible odds that are way shorter than the likelihood of you calling the correct result. Whatever happens, they’ve skewed the outcome in their own favour, so you’re getting ripped off, big-time.

Some people fancy their chances – maybe you know more about it than the bookies, or you’ve spotted a gap in the odds that can make it work for you. Again, we’re sorry to disappoint…

The bookies and their legions of mathematicians, sporting analysts and algorithms switch up the odds constantly on a second-by-second basis to ensure they are always getting the best possible deal at your expense.

They benefit from the wisdom of crowds – insights you are denied as a player, that give them access to huge insider knowledge about how each match will pan out, courtesy of thousands of individual bets and betting patterns.

And THEN they adjust the odds in their own favour to deprive you of your cash. It’s merciless.

Even if you call it correctly, you’re being offered a pittance in reward. Whatever happens, they are taking money from your pocket. They are literally laughing all the way to the bank.

Please – if you fancy a flutter this summer, you’re far, far better off with an online casino.

1. The odds are fixed – they don’t change to screw you over. Every time you play, you’re facing the same odds, and they won’t change them to suit. Someone has to win, and it could as easily be you as the next person.

2. Get free spins – imagine the bookie giving you a genuine freebie. When you sign up to an online casino, you’ll get rewarded with free spins, so you can actually win money for nothing – so there is such a thing as a free lunch.

3. Bookies are fair-weather friends – casinos always stick by their players. Don’t be fooled by Wimbledon promos, as they’re designed to suck you in. Casinos reward loyalty and will give you free spins and bonuses the longer you play.

4. First Deposit Bonuses can get the ball rolling. You can get multiples of your first deposit as a bonus amount, giving you more chances to win as you play.

5. Bookies won’t make you a millionaire – but online casinos might! With progressive jackpots, there are so many more chances to win big. When was the last time you were offered odds on a tennis match that would make you a million?

Don’t be a mug. Stay well away from the bookies, and give yourself a fighting chance. It’s much easier to take money from a machine than from a scheming, greedy bookie with one eye on your wallet.

Check out our recommended casino below for better odds, better bonuses and a realistic chance of making your summer more profitable.

Article by Jane Ambers, Gaming Journalist.

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I've always been a fan of bookies, but after reading this I will be thinking twice about things. My sister actually plays at Betsafe, and she won around £2000 on the slots last year, which is much more than I've ever won betting down the bookies! Thanks for an enlightening article.
Harry W.

I play at a few different online casinos now, and I've realised just how good they are... It's great to play on them during my lunch break, or if I'm bored one evening. I do feel like you raise some very valuable points, most notably the fact that the odds at online casinos are always the same. You do feel like you have much more of a chance!
Chris T.

Yep, I can 100% vouch for Betsafe. I love playing their slots, and sometimes even try out their table games too! Their customer service is second to none and I feel in very safe hands with them.
Tracey L.

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